How to set mode of billing ?

Hi, have a good day wonderful team work.1- Pls can you help me to set up the app? 2- how to set the mode of billing? Pls help me if you could it’s to much I am paying bills the service provider so costly. I am having disaplety I am sick by life threatening illness, I can’t be always active. Pls can you😢pls help me to do it I mean’s set it, to guide me for not pay too much & to have more benefits as unlimited plans, the provider abuse me to much for being to much to pay.Thanks a lot Lord blessing over all as team work to raise up the best meaning of your greatful apps. Sorry for being so demanding or longer writing or disturbing. Thank you so s

Hi @1amalia,

If you’re looking for help with your personal GitHub account details, you’ll need to reach out to private support at If you’re looking for help with a project hosted on, you’ll need to seek support from the project directly; I’d recommend checking the project’s README for potential contact and support information.