How to set HTML table column widths in markdown

I’m trying to make a 2-column paragraph with text on one side and an image on another using raw html inside my markdown.

The text column is so wide that the image is shrunk down to the point of unreadability.

I’d like to limit the column containing text to 50% of the width so that the image is big enough to see, but no amount of fiddling with the html will do this. In all cases the text column is a fixed width of 66% of the horizontal space, leaving only 33% for the image.

I’ve tried setting td width, td min-width, embedded div with width, colgroups, and various aspect ratios of the image. Nothing seems to work.

How do I specify the width of a table column using embedded html in markdown?

Something like this, which works in regular html:

<table style="width: 100%;"><tbody><tr>
<td style="width=50%;">some text</td>
<td style="width=50%;"><img src="some-image"></td>

The README on this project shows what I’m trying to do: