How to set github app editor with custom installation?

For several reasons, I have had to reinstall/reset windows to my computer. To not have to install all my programs again, I install them to a second drive in my computer. I was wondering if there was a way to point the github app to the second drive, where I have sublime text editor installed instead of reinstalling the app at the default location?

Which app would that be? GitHub Desktop?

That won’t really solve the problem since applications requiring installation depend on registry settings, and other installation related data which would be lost when you re-install Windows. Also, the most important aspect of your installation, i.e. user settings, will still be lost since they are still in the prime hard disk.

Yes. I’m talking about the Github Desktop app.

So your saying if I reinstalled sublime text at the same location I have it installed it should work? There’s no way to open up the Github Desktop app and point it to the second hard drive.

I don’t about the GH Desktop specifically because I haven’t used since it’s firs (now replaced) version, but as for SublimeText, reinstalling it over the same location won’t give you any benefits, i.e. your previous settings would be lost, unless you have tweaked you Win OS to point the User folders to the secondary drive too. I personally tend to focus on preserving my apps’ settings and just reinstall them whenever I reinstall Windows, because its safer for the OS health.

What you could do though, to simplify things, is use a scripted package installer like Chocolatey, scoop, etc., which would allow you to quickly reinstall your previous apps with all your custom options, etc., provided you take the time to create the setup scripts.