How to send files and folders to my repository using the API

Hi, I’m just getting started with the Github API and could use some help. I have a repository and I want to post new versions of my project to the repository. I’d like to know how to upload a few files, images and directories to a specific path. 

For now I want to overwrite existing files with the files I send. My development is setup one way for now and the files will be newer and if not then I’m guessing I will receive an error response. Any examples of this and pointers to documentation? Thank you! 


If I understood correctly, you already have a repository and you just want to “update” it.

Maybe this tutorial can help you:

same thing I want to ask I have repository but when I transfer imges from lilylisto to github then it save in repository but some images are corrupted. do you know how can i resolve this issue. 

I’d like to post data to my repository. I can’t call a command line. I’m looking for something like a REST client to server API. 

-curl post -file index.html -directory “/repository/folder”