How to select /docs/html as root

Hi. In a public Github repo, we are creating HTML docs using Sphinx, and I did not find a way to tell Sphinx to create the HTML root into /docs. The output directory can be configured (e.g. /docs), but the HTML root that it creates is then /docs/html.

However, /docs/html cannot be selected as the docs root in the settings of GitHub Pages.

My question is: Is there a way to get GitHub pages configured such that it presents the repo’s /docs/html directory as the root?

Hi @andy-maier, welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

No, there isn’t a way to do this I’m afraid. The only directory you can select to host your Pages site is the docs folder. You’ll need to either move your site’s content out of the html directory or push that folder’s contents to a separate branch in your repository and select that branch instead.