How to see the "Jump to file or symbol" content in a page?

Hello everyone, 

I absolutely love how we can see which methods were changed/added/removed on a pull request by using the “Jump to file or symbol” however, in bigger pull requests the modal is a bit tight to use and I end up losing myself scrolling up and down.

Does anyone know if its possible to see those contents in a page or maybe see the modal in fullscreen?

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Do you ever try to use unified view? You can find it in the right of the “files changed” tab:

 Hey, @wabri,

The information I’m trying to expand is the content of the modal that opens when pressing " Jump to…"
It just shows the file and method names that changed:

This list tends to be big so scrolling inside the modal can be tricky to follow.
I love how this list gives me a great overview of what changed without diving into the diff itself.

Now i understand, sorry @victormartins

I did some research and found this chrome extension, but i dont think it works with your problem.

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Hey @wabri,

Thank you for looking :) 
I don’t think this exists yet. Maybe one day :slight_smile: