How to search in code but only in repositories with greater than certain number of stars?

I was looking for a piece of code, but I got so many results. I wanted to filter down the results to only in popular repositories (to find best practices being used). Is there any way to do this kind of search?


Hi @krishnasajja

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You can view the most starred projects on GitHub today by performing a repository search with the syntax:


That search will return all repositories on GitHub with two or more stars. You can then view these repositories in descending order, from those with the most stars to those with the least. Here’s an example of what that search looks like.[

](>1&s=stars&type=Repositories)That said, if you’re trying to do a code search and use the star tag, that’s not currently possible. If you’d like to submit that as a feature request, you can do so by writing to private support.

Hope this helps!

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Do we have this feature now ?