How to save an edited file through git cmd ?

I am trying to change commit author, and refer to the following Git change commit author  at stackoverflow. Now I am able to edit the file throug windows cmd:

Now, how am i going to execute the following changes ?

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I think the editor you are using is Vi or VIm, is not so difficult to exit and save a file from there. With reference to the image you post, you can see that there is in the corner left the – INSERT – , this is a mode of the vim editor. To exit from this mode you need to use the esc button , by doing this you enter in a mode called – NORMAL – mode. Now you need to do some magic with vim by type:


The : is important because takes you to the – COMMAND – mode, then w is use to save the file and q to exit.

Once you press enter, you execute this command and the commit will be create.

This may takes you out and solve the problem, if not reply here what is wrong.


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not in linux it is in windows cmd promt