How to run multiple commands in one Github Actions Docker

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What is the right way for running multiple commands in one action?

For example:

I want to run a python script as action.

Before running this script I need to install the requirements.txt.

I can think of several options:

  • Create a Dockerfile with the command RUN pip install -r requirements.txt in it.
  • Use the python:3 image, and run the pip install -r requirements.txt in the file before running the arguments from args in main.workflow.
  • use both pip install and python as args

Another example:

I want to run a script that exists in my repository, then compare 2 files (its output and a file that already exists).

This is a process that includes two commands , whereas in the first example, the pip install command can be considered a building command rather than a test command.

the question:

Can I create another Docker for another command, which will contain the output of the previous Docker?

I’m looking for guidelines for the location of the command in Dockerfile, in entrypoint or in args.

There’s not necessarily a “right” or a “wrong” way to make these decisions. My personal opinion on the subjects:

  • args should be used to customize the behavior of an Action from one run to another
    • So if you have an Action that does something but you need it done two different ways in two separate Workflows, then an argument is probably the right choice
  • env should be used to create named values (that don’t need to be secure) that might be shared between Actions
    • Like if multiple Actions need to know where the DOCS_DIR is, this might be a valid use for an environment variable
  • If the code in an Action requires some tool or even fixed dependencies to do its job, I would typically build that into the Docker image as a RUN step so that the code in is, as much as possible, performing the Action’s designed task
  • Much like the Unix philosophy for command-line tools, each Action should do one thing well and Workflows should be used to chain multiple Actions together

But these are only my personal thoughts on it from my meager experience so far and, much like designing command-line tools, there are a bunch of different ways to achieve the same ends.

You can see how I’ve designed one Action for a recent project of mine in I’ll probably move these lines into the Dockerfile eventually, because they can be installed in the image and cached. But this line needs to remain in the because the definition of the dependencies is stored in the repository itself and may change from one invocation of the Action to the next.

Again, there’s no hard and fast right or wrong answer to any of these questions. It mostly depends on how you’re intending the Action to be used: only for the one specific project or more generally across multiple projects.

I hope that helps!

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I have a publish-to-dockerhub script that is in bash, and I’d prefer to use that for publishing. I don’t want to use 2+ different actions. That ties me into the “GitHub Actions” system, and I’d prefer to just set up my environment requirements, and use my script.

Is there a way to do that? I literally just need docker and bash installed in this GH Actions job :slight_smile: