How to run macOs virtual environments provisioner on self-hosted runner?

I can see there exists documentation for running the provisioner for the windows and linux actions virtual images: docs

I wasn’t able to find anything for running the provisioner for the macOS image. Does there exist any documentation for this? Is it even possible?

For some more context, I’m in the process of migrating our actions to self-hosted runners and I’ve been experimenting with our iOS workflow since it’s the only one that requires a mac.

I’ve been following the macOS virtual environment image as a source of inspiration to see if I can get my workflow to succeed with the absolute bare minimum install.

I’ve been struggling to get Xcode properly installed - my runner is currently on a Mac ec2 instance. Instead of trying to custom install everything and building my own script afterward, I thought it might be easier to simply run the provisioner and utilize the public image shared in the virtual environments repo.

Maybe this is much easier than I’m making it and I’m just completely missing something :sweat_smile:

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!