How to run a missing action on a release that was made during an outage?

I’ve just made a release at the exact time there was an outage on GitHub actions. I have an action configured to be triggered on release to send an announcement to a mailing list, but this action never run due to the outage. Is there a way to manually trigger the missing run for this event?

@gcotelli ,

According to your description:
You setup a step in your workflow to execute an action which will send an announcement to a mailing list. And this step is never executed because the previous steps in the same job are failed or outage. You want this step can be executed always.

By default, when a step in a job runs failed, all the subsequent steps in the same job will be skipped.
If you want to continue executing the subsequent steps, you can add the following if conditional on every subsequent step that you want to continue executing.

if: always()

In addition, currently we have no methods to manually trigger a workflow, or a step in the workflow.

If I have any misunderstanding, feel free to tell me. And if possible, please share your repository with us, so that we can check more detailed configurations of the workflow in your repository to analyze the root cause.


This is the corresponding workflow

There’s only one step in it. I think the problem is that the ‘Release’ event was somehow lost because of the outage so it never tried to run the workflow in the first place. here you cannot see any run for the notification workflow.

In you can take a look at the v8.2.0, it was released yesterday during the outages in Actions (

@gcotelli ,

Okay, I think I have understood your meanings now.
As we known, due to the recent GitHub incident (, almost all workflows could not be triggered during this incident.
After this GitHub incident, now you want to trigger the missed workflow during the incident.

As I mentioned above, GitHub does not support to manually trigger a workflow.
However, as a workaround, you can try the below steps:

1) Execute the API (Delete a release) to delete the release (v8.2.0) from your repository.
2) Re-create and publish the release ( v8.2.0 ).

After above steps, the workflow should can be triggered normally for the release ( v8.2.0 ).

In addition, before executing the " Delete a release" API, you may need to execute the “Get a release by tag name” API to fetch the release id  that will be used on the " Delete a release" API. Because we can’t directly fetch the  release id  from the GitHub web UI.

@gcotelli ,

How are things going? Is the workaround I posted above helpful to you?

Please try it, and any progress, feel free to tell me. Thanks.