How to roll to previous Recent Activity theme?

GitHub had a nice recent activities with all info on the ongoing conversations you were participating. Recently this was removed for a only 4 last activities - and it also doesn’t give “at glance” information on the conversations. This is nonsense. Is there a way to configure to get the previous behavior that listed everything recent in the last days?

The new behavior makes really hard to track everything I am involved since it’s usually more than 4 things. It also doesn’t give me a sneak peek of what’s going on.

I hate notifications, they give me anxiety, with the previous activities I was in control of the information I take.

Also, the all activity in the timeline doesn’t really show all activity - it doesn’t even show when someone mentions me in an issue or release, or activity in an issue I created or am assigned to.

Previous behavior was more akin of a minimalist dashboard I could look and have an idea of what was going on, which is much better behavior than spamming notifications since when I am coding I don’t want interruptions, and when I am browsing GitHub to solve a task I don’t want to get interrupted with a different issue, otherwise nothing gets done.


+1, it takes away more than it adds. I can always scroll a little to see a little more.


It seems really strange decision, from my point of view. At least, they could make this panel customisable.
I’ve never used PR menu, and managed everything with Recent activities instead.
It contained all the necessary information in a single place (created, assigned, mentioned, commented but not fully reviewed PR’s assigned to me).


+1 as well. definitely a hindrance without the option to customize. just like ericoporto, i used the Recent Activity theme for managing most of my PRs. this is a very frustrating change.


Agree with the author

Take back, or give a choice.
Everything was at the top and in front of your eyes and you could easily follow the changes, now you need to move your eyes to the lower left corner, and if there are a lot of repositories, you can also scroll a lot.

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I totally agree that the activity feed should be more of an activity feed and less of a news feed. I care more about the pull requests that I’m working on with others than the material that’s in the front-and-center All activity column. I would rather see the pull requests I’ve opened or reviewed in that front-and-center column.

My usual workflow is:

  • Go to
  • Look at which pull requests have been reviewed
  • Incorporate changes and do work
  • Go to
  • Look at which pull requests have been reviewed

Now I’m not sure what status of my pull requests is unless I highlight my mouse over each small line item in the Recent activity side menu.

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