How to revoke git authentication from repository

Hi! I don’t know that I’m phrasing this right, but how do I go about revoking authentication/signing out from a cloned repository?

To expand: I was trying to clone a private GitLab repository using GitHub Desktop. I cloned the repository fine, but when it asked for me to authenticate I signed in with my GitLab email and password, instead of with the authentication key like I was supposed to. As a result I cannot commit or upload anything to the repository, and I can’t figure out how to unauthenticate so I can re-sign in and put in the correct key. I’ve already attempted deleting the local repository and re-cloning it, deleting the project on GitLab and recreating it, and uninstalling Github Desktop and reinstalling it. Somehow it still doesn’t ask me to re-sign in when I try to clone the repository.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @enderdrag64 , welcome to the community,

I am guessing you asking about cached Git Credentials, if so this should help.

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Cool thank you! I tried deleting the credentials and I was able to sign in with the correct authentication key.