How to retry a build that failed?

I had a build fail for a reason unrelated to my code (in the setup-node action - possible a network issue or something, it’s not clear). I can’t rind any way to retry this build without pushing another commit (which means all the other parallel tasks like running on other OSes will be repeated).



We currently don’t have the retry button enabled for Actions. 100% agree this is super important. We’re working on it now, won’t be much longer. :grinning:


This does seem to be there now. However, I’m seeing that I get a “check rerequested” event is in the GITHUB_EVENT_PATH file rather than a synchronize event (or whatever did trigger the action run) causing some assumptions to be broken. It certainly doesn’t have the same information available as the original synchronize trigger at least. It also seems to be only for all actions, not per action (though I’m just testing with a single action right now).

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:+1: thanks! We’re working on it.


Thanks! Retry is hugely important to us :slight_smile: The ability to retry individual tasks/checks as well :) 


For future runs this should now be solved

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I don’t understand how re-runs work. When I have a failed task, there’s an info icon next to it with a tooltip that says “This check suite has disabled re-running individual check runs”. Is there something I need to do to enable this?


Will we be able to retry specific jobs rather than the entire workflow? Right now I only see the option to Re-run all checks. If I am running multiple jobs in parallel and only one fails I would like the ability to rerun just that one job.


I cant find it and it’s now 6 months since your message, am I missing it or is Github still working on it?


We don’t see a re-run command sometimes.

I remember seeing it in the past. It would be nice to be able to re-run specific tests.

Although the possibility to rerun failed workflows is great, it would be super great if there’s an option to run only the failed jobs. Is this already there and I’m missing it? Is there a plan to implement it?

Updating this, as my old comment is very out of date at this point.

Re-running an entire workflow is possible via the re-run button on the top right or the Actions API. The re-run button will trigger the entire workflow to run again.

In the future, we’ll be making this more specific and allowing for individual jobs within a workflow to be re-run.


If you like me think that “Hey this is not true, there is no re-run button!” it’s likely that your job is not finished yet and that “re-run” button is actually a “cancel” button. So you just need to cancel your job before you can re-run it.