How to retrieve the full list of Actions workflow runs shown on the website via the API?

When viewing the Actions tab for a repository all of the previous workflow runs are shown, but I can’t seem to find a way to retrieve these via the API since retrieval is currently based off of SHAs. Not being able to retrieve my full build history is a problem - do you have suggestions as to how to do this, or is this a feature that could be added?


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I also want to know the answer of same question. 

Hi @jeffreypalmer,

Thanks for being here!  I can see how this can be valuable and will add it to the feedback for the team.

You are correct, in the API, there’s no endpoint for fetching workflows. However, because GitHub Actions creates a check suite per workflow and a check run per executed action in said workflow, someone could use the Checks API to get that information though it’s not as straightforward as you mention since it requires SHA


Thanks - I look forward to an API extension that would make this easy. Most other CI systems provide an API to enumerate all builds for a project - that would be ideal.

Thanks again!