How to restrict Organization members from reading specific public repositories?

Hello, next semester I will be president of the ACM club at my university and I would like to allow our club members to access specific repos depending on their grade level, and I would want specific professors to be able to edit these repos as well, since the club members would be accessing presentations and notes from these professors if they change things up over the years. How can I do this through the Organizations feature?

Hi @jsdaniel007,

In short, this isn’t something that you can do with public repositories. However, you can accomplish this by using private repositories in an organization as you can set up specific teams for different levels of access

Would this work for your use case?


Yes, this seems like it could solve the problem I’m having, but that would require monthly payment? Or in an organization can you have a certain number of private repos before we have to pay?

Hi @jsdaniel007,

Sorry about the delay. That would require paying for the Team plan as you can see in the comparison under  Security, user management, and compliance on the GitHub Pricing page.

Hope that helps!