How to reset/forget npx "yes"

When running “npx ts-node” for the first time, I get

Need to install the following packages:
Ok to proceed? (y)

After I press “y” and hit Enter - npx will remember my choice and won’t ask me again.

I want to make npx forget that I’ve chosen to trust this package and want to bring the prompt back.

I’ve tried clearing npm/npx cache - didn’t help.

I can’t see it in my npm config list --long.

I believe that this is the code: GitHub1s
const yes = this.npm.config.get('yes')
But I don’t understand from where it gets the npm config yes value. When I’m doing npm config get yes in CLI - it returns null, and doesn’t make sense because I can’t specify particular package there…

So, where does npx store my “y” choice?