How to report wrongs translations on

Hello everyone.
I found some translation wrong on, and I sent an email to Github Support on September.
But, 7 days later, the GitHub Support still not send any replies to me.

So,I want to ask:How To Report Wrongs Translations on the docs website. I try to report this to GitHub Support,but nobody replies me.:frowning:

Here is some details about translations(I use Chinese and English to show the details)
I found some problems on docs website, there are in GitHub 礼品和招待政策(GitHub Gifts and Entertainment Policy):
The sentence For example, many U.S. 例如,许多美国国会议员不会让您请他们吃饭。 some part(means For example, many U.S.)of this sentence is meaningless, because For example, many U.S is translated in the next text sentence.

这里是关于翻译的一些细节:我发现了 docs网站 上的一些问题,这些问题在GitHub 礼品和招待政策(GitHub Gifts and Entertainment Policy)这篇文档里,句子For example, many U.S. 例如,许多美国国会议员不会让您请他们吃饭。 的一部分(指 For example, many U.S.)是没有意义的,因为( For example, many U.S.)已经在下个句子里被翻译了。

So,I want to know HOW TO feedback this issue and get some replies form GitHub about this issue.
thats all.
English is not my native language; please excuse typing errors.

:wave: Welcome!

I’ve had a look and it appears you first reported this a few months ago. The feedback was forwarded to the Product team. While they do read and evaluate all feedback, not everyone gets a reply I’m afraid.

When you emailed again with the same feedback, it was simply merged with the first.

Sorry for the confusion!


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However, if you just forward my suggestion to the product team but do not reply to my ticket, it will cause a lot of trouble, which will make me think that you did not see the ticket from me.
So I give a suggestion: Even if you reply to the email “We have informed the product team of your suggestion”, it is better than no reply.

Sorry for the confusion - maybe you didn’t receive it. We did reply to your first submission with that explanation. Since the 2nd report was a duplicate, it just got filed with the first.

But,I just sent an ticket to you.
I never send the second ticket.
And,I Suggest you read my ticket again(ID is 846437),because I seem to have reported one error less in this thread.

I’m sorry for the confusion here.

I can confirm your ticket is with the correct team for product feedback and it will be read by the right people. They don’t send replies to all feedback, only where they may require more information.

I think you can creat a new thread to ask this question:)