How to report someone hacking my devices

for years someone and their team been hacking my devices and my sons , I just realized they are using software from github , I have reason to believe they’ve been altering my form of communication “blocking” sent & incoming . I need someone who can help me get intouch with the right law inforcement . I’ve contacted my local police on many occasions and they have not even considered documenting it. The sameones behind the hacking are doing some very harsh malicious things to my son and I . I was told by law enforcement not to contact the fbi or our attorney general , can somebody please help ?

Hi @noob1st :wave:t2: We really appreciate you flagging this. The best route to get this to the proper GitHub team is to use our abuse reporting tools. Here’s all the info:

You can report behavior and content that violates community guidelines and terms. I am going to close this post, but for this and any future incidents, please refer to those links.

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