How to reopen GitHub Security Alert?

Hello there,

Recently I dismissed a GitHub vulnerabilty alert.

Is there any way to reopen it?

thanks in advance

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Sure, you can always access them trough the  Insights  tab of your repository.


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I’m trying to find out how to reopen a dismissed security alert, but can’t find it on the link you provided. Any chance to provide instructions more clearlY?

On a repository page you have several tabs, like  Code  and  Pull requests  for example. Head over to Insights  to find the security alerts.

Hey did you find a way how to reinstate dismissed ones? 

Thanks :) 

@wrk4all as you can see at the responses above, you are always able to view past security issues.

Could you elaborate on what you mean by “reinstating” dismissed ones?

The topic of this thread is about reopening/resintating a dismissed security alerts (Not notifications). So i asked if a way to reinstated the dismssied alerts has been found. (See below) 

Thank you :) 


I see. Thanks for the clarification @wrk4all ! There is no way that I know of, but maybe someone else does!

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Boo hoo lol.

Mark you are the best bro, Thanks for being so responsive :o).



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+1 need a solution to this issue.

Can this be marked not solved? This hasn’t. It’s still not possible to “undismiss” a security alert. You can view them but cannot change the dismissed status.

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Are there any updates on this? Thanks