how to rename the images on Github

I want to rename the image name on Github but I cannot find the “edit” icon as the help “rename file” says :confused:

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Hi @wxmkevin,

Currently, you are not able to edit or rename image files in the GitHub web interface. To rename this image file, you will need to do so in GitHub Desktop or rename the file in the command line interface.


Guys, you understand not all github users are all-in programmers, right? Why do I need to download a half-baked piece of software to patch the gaps of your half-baked webpage?

Hi @3dfernando,

I understand your frustration. GitHub itself is developed for programmers as the core audience and is not always the most user-friendly for people who are not primarily developers. While we are working on making GitHub more approachable all of the time, there are still certain aspects that can seem almost obtuse because of how they are designed to work on top of Git itself.

If you’d like to request a change to how GitHub functions, I recommend using the GitHub feedback form which gets submitted directly to our product and engineering teams.


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