How to rename business name?

Hi everyone,

I’m creating a team for business so I should pick A business or institution.

Can I change this business name later? If yes, How to do that because I don’t see the options in settings menu.

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That option determines ownership of the organization with respect to our Terms of Service.

If you select the " My personal account"  option, the organization is bound to our Standard Terms of Service with you as the owner. Selecting the  “A business or institution”  option places the organization on our Corporate Terms of Service instead, with ownership held by an entity such as a company, non-profit, or group. Corporate Terms provide greater flexibility with regard to account ownership disputes and transfers, which can be beneficial in cases where an organization owner leaves a business or otherwise becomes unresponsive.


That doesn’t really answer the question though - is it possible to change the business/institution name at a later date?

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That can’t be changed through settings. To change the named company, you would have to open a ticket.