How to rename branch in GitHub Desktop?

No matter what I try, the “Rename…” and “Delete…” options are always grayed out. I searched the issues on the GHD repo as well as the topics here, so apparently I’m the only one who doesn’t get it. What am I missing? It has never worked for me. I’m on version 1.2.2 on macOS.

Thank you in advance


Hi @mikkelrd,

I tried this out for myself in GitHub Desktop but didn’t experience the same issue (except when I had master branch selected, so of course could not rename or delete that)

Are there any restrictions on this branch? Is it protected? Do you have the same issue across all your repositories when using GitHub Desktop or is it just limited to this one repository/branch?

Thanks for the response @matthewheath! I tried with another repository and it looks like the options are available. For the repo in the screenshot, the branch is not protected, and this functionality works fine in SourceTree or the CLI.

Hmm. What about if you try removing the repo from GitHub Desktop and then re-adding it? If that doesn’t work, I’d probably contact GitHub Support for help.

It was worth a shot. Thanks for the suggestion, but still no dice. I’ll reach out to them for more ideas. Thanks