How to Remove Unneccessary folder in github repo?

I delete some folder in GitHub repo in my local folder, I want that folder delete in GitHub too. how to do that, or how can I resync my local project to GitHub repo, I want to keep my local file and delete that unnecessary file that includes in GitHub repo.

Hi @mhemon, thank you for being here!

Usually, you’d configure the upstream remote to point to the parent of your fork . his is so that you can bring down changes from the parent repository to your local fork by synchronizing your fork with the parent repository.

Once that’s set up, we have this guide for how to get your local repository in sync:

You can also use a pull request to suggest changes from your fork back to the upstream repository. You may find our documentation here useful to learn more about forks:

If you’re interested, you could even have a look at our workflow – the GitHub Flow. You can learn more about the GitHub Flow in the following resources:

I hope this helps, but please just let us know if you have any other questions!