How to remove the environment tab?

I was installing docusaurus and by mistake did the deploy into the wrong repository. Got into some troubles to disable the GitHub Pages, but after a while I did. But the tab don’t go away and I can’t find a way to remove it.

There is any way?

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Hey @diegobernardes,

Thanks for reaching out! It isn’t currently possible to remove the environment tab but our Engineering Team is working on adding a setting for this in the future.

I can’t guarantee if or when we’ll have the setting shipped but I’ll pass on your +1 to the team for this feature.


Gets my +1 also.  The tab is awful looking and not helpful in my opinion.  


It would be really nice to have the ability to remove Deployments / Environments.

My repo is now using GitHub Actions for deployments.  Previously it used the Zeit Now plugin for GitHub for deployments, and GitHub Pages before that.

My repo’s Environments page is full of artifacts from these old deployment options whereas the current option with GitHub Actions doesn’t actually show up there (I’m currently using a fork off of actions/zeit-now).

This question has also been asked on Stack Overflow here -

Side note: The top of this post says “Solved! Go to Solution.” but clicking that link leads to a post saying this is an unsolved open issue.


Any news on this so far? We would like to remove environments by using the API.


Works for us by setting the deployment status to ‘inactive’.

Don’t forget to include those preview headers:


Also wondering how to get rid of this. Seems like a simple thing for the team to enable.


I was trying to understand what IS the environment tab.

Whats the puirpose ? 

What does it do? 

Where is the description of it in laymans terms?

If I’m not wrong, it is for ‘tracking product deployments’, e.g. a website to GitHub pages, a backend to Heroku, etc.  

It seems to be just a page where you can see details about when your product was shipped to production, but we have commit status checks for it so it is dumb.

Hi, using the following stackoverflow answer, I made a quick & dirty python3 script to automate the process. Just run it and enter your information, and all deployments will be removed, deleting the “Deployments” tab from your repo.

See this gist:


Since this still isn’t a feature in GitHub as of June 2020, I made an interactive python script to solve my issue of needing to delete a specific environment by name. It also supports deleting all deployments if you want. Importantly, it looks at all the deployments rather than just the first 30 unlike the other scripts floating around. Here it is:


I’ve just used your script and it is super fast and fantastic! Thank you!

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