How to remove "Repositories you contribute to"?

Each time I log in, there’s a section on my page in the upper right that says “Repositories you contribute to” and then it lists two other peoples’ repositories.  How do I get rid of this section?  I found this page Removing yourself from a collaborator’s repository and I followed the instructions but they don’t work for me.  When I go to my Personal Settings > Repositories, the two repos in question aren’t listed.  All I see are my repositories.


There isn’t a way to remove this section from the landing page. I suppose you could use a Greasemonkey script to hide the section but there isn’t a method of hiding it built-in to GitHub.

I guess what’s also confusing is that I don’t know why it appears there in the first place.  I have viewed those repos, but then I’ve viewed a lot of repos.  Why don’t they show up?  Also, I haven’t in any way, shape, or form contributed to these repos, I just took a look at them or downloaded them.  Oh well.

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I assume that one of them is You opened this issue there, which is considered to be a contribution.