How to remove github project's Add Column button/column?

I’ve got my project underway and I want to use the entire page width for columns.
This “add column” is neither wanted nor useful beyond the beginning of a project.

Hi @andy-brainome this is an interesting request.

Would you care to describe what you would like to see as far as functionality?

He wants to the ability to view his kanban board at the full width of the browser. If you have 3 columns, you will ALWAYS have a 4th empty column with an “add new column” button at the top. This empty “add new column” column takes up the same amount of real estate as the useful columns that are displaying their cards.

This means that a user who is done creating 3 columns will forever have 25% of their screen stolen away by a completely blank and useless column.

If a user is done adding columns, then their columns should enjoy the full width of the browser. This ultimately ends with a better user experience, as they can read even more text without text wrapping.

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