How to remove email address in pull requests?

I was recently added as a co-author in a pull request and it showed my full email address even in a private tab.

Is there a way for me to remove this feature or is there a setting which can hide my actual email address from showing in pull requests?

Hi @Newcool1230 welcome to the community, thank you for joining us.

You may choose to keep your email address as private by enabling email address privacy, you can choose which verified email address to author changes with when you edit, delete, or create files or merge a pull request on GitHub. If you enabled email address privacy, then the commit author email address cannot be changed and is <username> by default.

To keep your email address private when performing web-based Git operations, click Keep my email address private .

I hope this helps!

Thank you for the help.

What if someone adds me as a co-author before the setting my email as private?

How can I have my email address removed from that?

Thanks for the follow up, you can contact support directly to make a request