How to remove contributor of deleted commits?

Want to remove contributor from a project. The only commit made by the contributor has been deleted and thus the contributor doesn’t appear in the list when I click “manage access” under the project settings. But on the project main page it still shows the contributor. How to remove the contributor from the project?

What do you mean the commit has been deleted?

If you reverted the commit, it’s still there and thus you haven’t deleted it.

If you’ve actually rewritten history so that the commit isn’t in the history for any branches or tags, then that’s a different story (I haven’t checked GitHub’s contributors algorithm in detail recently…)

I used git reset --HARD~1 then git push --force origin main

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I’d probably contact

But, if my repository didn’t have any forks, I’d make a full local clone, create a new empty github repository and then push my local clone into it. I could then validate the contributors don’t have the deleted entry, rename the old repo, and rename the replacement to fill it. (And finally delete the old one.)

I contacted support and they removed the second contributor. Thanks.

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