How to remove a reviewer from a Pull Request

We have our PR’s to require a minimum amount of reviewers to be approved. Sometimes people are out or priorites shift so others may pick up a the process of reviewing which leaves the previous reviewers on the request. Also, as people comment or get mentioned in the conversation, they get added to the list as well.

Is there a way to totally remove them as a reviewer? I know we can just change their status but visually it’s not the best looking at possibly a list of people who may never actually review something


Hi @jimn-tn,

Thanks for being here! You can dismiss pull request reviews that are no longer valid or are unable to be approved by the reviewer, but as you’ve mentioned on your post their names remain on the list. 

We’re always working to improve GitHub and we consider every suggestion we receive. I don’t show that we are planning to implement any flow changes like that to the PR reviews feature in the immediate future, but I have added this to our internal request list for the team to review and consider. We can’t say if/when we may add a feature, but we really appreciate you providing feedback on how we can make GitHub work better for you!




This would help me, too. If I’m essentially mentoring a new contributor through a PR, I’ld like to remove myself from the list of reviewers when the PR is ready and goes up for actual review. As it stands, I can’t.


click on the gear icon where you’d normally add reviewers, locate yourself and uncheck to remove yourself