How to remove a contributor


I have a rather embarrassing contributor name on my project page (see I think this name came from an automated git commit from a Docker image [which set it as a default, how nice]), which I removed already quite some time ago. The username is completely absent from git logs (all branches) and actually doesn’t show any activity in GitHub either. Is there anyway to get rid of it? It’s not nice to see such name there…


Hey @rickhelmus!

Thanks for posting your question to the GitHub Community.

Would you be able to link directly to the commit in question? Just briefly looking through your repository’s last 70 commits, they appear to all by attributed to you, rickhelmus, or to Circle CI updater.

Thanks for your reply! The commit was several months ago and removed manually with git and pushed afterwards, so there is nothing I can link to. When checking the git logs from all branches since the beginning this user is nowhere to be found.

PS: Now that I think of it, maybe the user started popping back up since the GitHub UI update.

Thanks for getting back to me, @rickhelmus.

I see that certain contributor name that you might want removed. When going to the actual Contributors page, that user isn’t listed, which says to me that this might just be a weird back-end caching quirk. I would personally recommend that you just delete the repository from GitHub only, then recreate it, then push the local repository to GitHub; if there’s no reference in your local Git history, then it should be wiped from oblivion!

If that doesn’t work, or you’d prefer to get some official advice, I would recommend you shoot an email to GitHub Support about this - they might be able to offer another solution, or just confirm that you’ll need to follow the above.

Let me know how you get on.

Thanks again.

Wiping the repos is something I really like to avoid. I just submitted a scientific paper for peer review that describes this project and as far as I understand I will lose all issues, releases etc. In any case I filled in the form (I couldn’t find an email address). Other suggestions are very welcome in any case!!

Ah, of course! No worries :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need a hand with anything else, I’ll see if I can suggest something other than wiping it all!