how to quit the vim

The classic question on stackoverflow: how to quit the vim? 

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If :q doesn’t work, try


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  • :w - write (save) the file, but don’t exit
  • :wq - write (save) and quit
  • :q - quit (fails if anything has changed)
  • :q! - quit and throw away changes

An alternative is opening another terminal and rebooting, although this is a bit drastic


Don’t forget about ZZ to save and exit.

ZZ is equals to :wq and to :x

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:! pkill -f vim

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Hey, thanks for asking the question. I often forget how to quit the vim too because I only use it occasionally :grinning: Unfortunately, this isn’t on-topic for any of our boards right now. Since it was all in good fun, I’m just going to lock the post.

Thanks for participating and welcome to the Forum!

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