How to put subfolders in a folder??


Can someone please give clear notes/steps (non coder/programmer here) of how to setup a main folder for the group and than have subfolders within it with various files in Github.

For example the main folder can be the name of the client name and within it, we could put items such as bylaws, meetings, budgeting, conferences, etc.

We would than simply put files in each subfolder. This is all we currently need for GitHub and how you can send the files from GitHub to Slack to access whenever needed for our membership.

Hi @brianb193340,

When you’re creating files in the GitHub web interface, you can hit the / key to create a directory for that file to be in. To create multiple layers of folders, you would just do this multiple times in the file name.

I don’t understand your question of “how you can send the files from GitHub to Slack to access whenever needed for our membership.” Could you please elaborate on this?


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Hello @brianb193340,

  1. You will want to create a repository to store everything in

  2. You can then create files (this allows you to also specify subfolders) or upload files using the web editor.

If you want the contents to be publicly available, you don’t need to do anything else—unless you explicitly set the repository as private, it will be available to anyone on GitHub.

If you do want the contents to be restricted, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan (most likely an organisation) to enable private repositories. You’ll then need to allow access to the repository by inviting your membership.

​If there’s anything else I can help you with, let me know; so happy to help further!

Kindest regards,

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Thank you so much for your time!

Do you have any ideas on how I can connect the new repository and branches into Slack?

Thank you!


I was hoping someone could please provie their expertise.

Our company wants to use Slack for messaging and connect to GitHub for storing of files and folders. They are going to pay for a private membership.

When on Slack, I added GitHub as an App. How do I get the repository with the folders and files in Slack? Any specific instructions on how to do this would be MOST helpful! Thank you very much in advance for a complete newbie…

Hi @that-pat 

I just tried using / when creating a repo on but instead of:


I got:


So forward slash was replaced by hypen.

I thought that this was one of the frequently requested feature (like this 3 year old thread at dear-github), but for whatever reason Github not only did not implement this feature but never gave any explanation if it is ever going to be implemented and if not then why. 

Hi @ruslaniv,

Using a  / to create subdirectories only applies when creating files, not when creating repositories. I think that was the original ask of this post, not creating folders to organize repositories, though I could be mistaken.

Regarding your request to have repositories organized into folders, the current solutions for this are to create Organizations or to use topics to organize your repositories. If that doesn’t work for you, please let me know and I’ll pass on your information to our product team.