How to push data to Github Desktop?

Maybe I’m an idiot…I feel like I’ve read every post online and asked everyone around me how to do this, but I can’t figure it out. How do you push data you’ve collected to Github using Github Desktop?? I have it set up on my desktop and can navigate around the app. I’m not sure how to get the data I’ve collected and push it to a specific project on Github. Any help?

@victoriaakelly great question! Our training team put together a tutorial video that may be helpful for you. We also have some GitHub Desktop help documentation available for you to reference. Here’s a basic workflow using GitHub Desktop:

  1. Make changes in your project using your IDE/text editor

  2. Switch back to GitHub Desktop – you should see changed files in the Changes tab in the left sidebar

  3. Commit those changes in the bottom-left corner of GitHub Desktop. Make sure to enter a commit summary!

  4. Click the Push origin button to push the changes up to the remote repository on GitHub. If you have not yet created a repository on GitHub you will see a Publish repository option that will allow you to create the remote repository.

You’ve now pushed your changes up to GitHub. If you encoutner any errors, please let me know! I would also recommend reading through some of our recommended resources for getting started with Git and GitHub. I hope that helps!


I made changes in my text editor but nothing came up in my github desktop? I used atom like the tutorial did and named everythign the same as my github desktop but nothing has popped up in ‘changes’.

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In my case I should open in editor via Git Desktop menu, in this case Git Desktop will be able to track changes in em.

P.S. Git will track only changes in tab of the editor that was triggered via Git’s “open in Notepad” or “open with default program” actions.