How to publish workflow template update?

We have a couple of workflow templates shared within our organization. I do not see any mechanism to include the latest changes in the workflow template without creating a new workflow itself.

This would require each repository to rename the existing workflow definition file as well as disable the current workflow.
Isn’t there a cleaner approach to probably just merge latest changes in the workflow template ?

I don’t think this is possible now. But there is an item on the roadmap that should address it:

I am also struggling with this. I have two ideas:

  1. A workflow on the repository where you keep your template that copies the file into each other repository every time you update the template
  2. Include the workflow as a submodule/subtree. This still means updating it in each repo where it’s used…

I’m looking for ways to solve this problem also. I thought a composite action could do it (with each repo referencing it @main), but composite actions have strange limitations that hobble them (why can’t I use if in a composite action!?).

I’d also like each repo to be able to provide different settings for the action, for example, the team email to send notifications to. I’m mentally heading down the path of my own tooling for copying actions around, but it seems like there’s probably already a solution out there, I hope?

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