How to publish arbitrary packages?

Hi all.

I am maintaining a software package not yet on Github. C/C++ and Fortran sources, built via CMake. Packges are built elsewhere for Linux, Windows and Mac with CPACK generating IFW installers for each platform. I was contemplating if it is possible to provide these daily builds via GitHub.

Looking at Organization → Packages, the only way to get any package to GitHub seems to be as a Docker image. This would not be something the user base is familiar with and would require significant changes to our setup. Is there any way to upload pre-built binary installer packages and have them appear in a package for a repository (that will need to be created)?



Maybe releases would be what you need? That’s basically a way to upload notes and binaries associated with a tag, but without any kind of package manager.

Thank you very much for your quick reply. Maybe releases, yes. Somehow I missed that.

Indeed, I can attach files, but it seems in a flat structure only. I was hoping for some hierarchy, e.g. Linux/Ubuntu-20.04/mypackage-x.y.z.deb (native package)
Linux/Ubuntu-20.04/ (installer, e.g. to $HOME)

A flat list of attached files can be, let’s say, suboptimal. I guess what I am after is something like “Files” in a Sourceforge project, a tree of directories to work ones way through. Any chance of that?

Edit: I did try to drag-and-drop whole directory structures, but the UI tells me that empty files are not supported.