How to Publish a Website

Hello Experts,

I just joined Github today to start testing a website and it’s not working as I expected. I’ve uploaded all the required files via GitHub desktop and I’ve no idea how to publish it or how to view the website.

Please help!!!

Welcome @ileonfx! Thank you for being here. If you are working on a project site, you may want to instead access the Settings tab in your repository as shown here Commit & publish or here Getting Started with GitHub Pages in order to set the publishing source.

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Thank you @nyahbhinghiprincess This is not helping though as I’m getting an error this site can’t be reached. I don’t know why it’s so complicated or is just me? There’s only an index.html file with .js file and a folder with images and it’s not working!

Hi @ileonfx, I want to be sure that I understand what step the error is coming up for you. For example, can you tell me if you received an error message when setting (or clicking SAVE on) the branch that you want to use in your publishing source under the GitHub Pages section of Settings?

Hi, @nyahbhinghiprincess It comes when I’m trying to access the link, replacing my username. I think I messed up the process. Maybe I didn’t pull / push / save the process in between. Can you please guide me step by step from the scratch?

Hi @ileonfx Thank you kindly for letting me know where you saw that error.

Since you have already successfully created the repository, it would be a good idea to check whether the GitHub Pages setting has been turned on in your repository. Creating a repository does not automatically enable the pages settings.

  1. You could navigate to and sign in to view your repository.

  2. Once the repository view renders, Click on the Settings tab (example shown here):

  3. From there you need to be sure that you have chosen the branch that you want to use as the publishing source.

Please take a look at Configuring a publishing source for your GitHub Pages site and let me know if that helps.