How to prevent user from changing some part of code

Hello everyone,

I’ve made an offline windows application which user can donate in the about widnow. It would appear everybody can change donation adress to his. How can i prevent user to do such a thing. I don’t have no problem with changing other parts. 

Hi @kokabi1365 ,

I’d recommend not to allow others to directly push to your repository.

Instead, let them create their own fork (that is, a copy of your repo on their account) and then a pull request on your repo. You, or the moderators you can optionally appoint, will then have a chance to review every change.

Hope that helps!

Okay I know, but contributer can copy my code to another website like bitbucket with his/her ownership or worse he/she can keep licence and publish software as a comerical closed source!

I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice. If you’d like legal advice consult an acutal lawyer - never accept legal advice from online strangers.

Straight out copying your sorce code to another location without the permission from either you or a license would be considered copyright enfrigement. See for more information.

So technically you can never prevent this since, well, your code is open source. The only way to prevent it would be to keep it closed source. However, you can - using the correct license - cover this problem up in a “legal” way so you can take action if someone steals your code or tries to impersonate you or your project.

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