How to prevent pull request push notifications?

I’m watching a repository in which I am very much interested in all the updates. However, there is one exception.

I don’t particularly care if a pull request has had new commits pushed. As a reviewer, new commits to a PR don’t really tell me anything. Unless the commits are followed by a comment or a request for a re-review, I have no way of knowing if the submitter is finished and ready for a review, or if they are just WIP commits due to changes I requested or maybe due to a failing CI.

Long story short, is there any way to disable these push notifications? If not, is there a reasonable use for why they are enabled by default?

I am also referring to the in-house notifications system and not looking for a solution based on emails/email filters.

Hi @jtpavlock welcome to the GitHub community!

We’re always working to improve GitHub, and we consider every suggestion we receive, so perhaps you’d like to submit a feature request through our official product feedback form so that our product team can see exactly how you’d like GitHub to work?