How to point website to a custom domain with SSL installed?

I have one custom domain purchased, and I would like to use this custom domain for my website WITH SSL INSTALLED.

I get that you can do this by putting the custom domain website in CNAME in the root and putting the four IP addresses in A @ DNS, and I have done that, and it does let the website have my custom domain instead of However, what’s been killing me for the past two days is, I’ve been trying to install SSL – trying multiple means, including getting cloudflare (free), hostinger (paid) – but NONE of them worked. So I would like to know how to get this fixed.

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Hello and welcome here!

I see that your custom domain does not point to a GitHub IP address:

If you want GitHub to get a certificate on your behalf, your custom domain must point to our servers (as per our documentation).

If after doing that you still have issues with your certificate, I am more than happy to investigate.


Fixed. Thanks for the effort!