How to perform better version control while managing .xlsx files on Git world.


This is one of the challenge we are facing today. We are maintaining quite a lot of data on xl sheet (.xlsx) files as a data driven approach to feed data for automation testing purpose. 

Now once we are migrating to Git world , we found since .xlsx are binary it is not possible to maintain the version history. Are you serious ? I checked and anlyzed few blogs there are quite a few work around ( please don’t just provide me those links) . I would like to know if any one really using .xlsx files with git world with a feasible simple solution.

Otherwise we are planning to push the data on database, but that would be lot of changes on existing automation script…

Any thought would be highly appreciated…

Many Thanks,

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It is not resolved, by mistake I clicked it. How to revert ?

Is it that tough? .xlsx or any other binary files should be easily managed, is it that complex or cumbersome ?