How to opt-out of the new UI?

DarkReader works fine for that. :wink:


The main thing is that information box has moved to a place that is taking space on the repo content. Not welcome changes. :angry:


Could we please revert back to square avatars?

Lots of avatars end up looking bad due to unwanted rounding.
E.g. me, WhiteyDude, gregkh, ry, gdabu, DynamicDream, maehr, gepcel, anyone using an identicon with pixels in the corners, …


I also vote to rollback in favor of the old UI.


I have made a support community account just to ask for the old UI back - especially square profile pictures, the latest repo commit message, and the header tabs being off-centre on a widescreen monitor, as highlighted by other users in this thread. I will definitely be using the Chrome extension until further notice.


Like many others before me, I also just created a support account to join the list of people who want
the old UI back.

Yesterday I was working on my projects and suddenly the UI changed. At first I though I am on the wrong page and though I accidentally landed on GitLab. One of the aspects I loved GitHub was for its special and easy to work with design. After I realized that this might not be a bad joke, I immediately lost my intention to work on my projects that day and quitted frustrated.

Why is there a need to have it look like a cheap social media platform which makes the cores aspects, quickly navigate through repositories and code, way harder?

I do understand that there might be people that like the new approach, so it would be really good if we could choose which design to use.

However, I really hope that this get “fixed” as soon as possible.


Please make README view to full screen width


I agree, this new UI is awful. No separators between files is terrible for overview. The header buttons are too far to the left and miles away from the content on larger screens (2/4K). Some content could also have been stickied such as


The new buttons and labels are a big piece of :poop: in the style of Microsoft. :-1:



I though maybe it was just a bad dream. Woke up this morning and that awful new ui was still there. Still no way to opt out or revert back. Depressing.


I too registered to voice my displeasure. There needs to be an option, and it needs to be there ASAP. Many of us use GitHub both professionally and as a hobby, but that sure is going to change if the experience stays this jarring.

On top of all the usability/productivity issues and visual glitches described, even simple things such as

  • The labels now being rounded instead of square (WHY?), especially jarring in the rectangular-shapes-based “Projects” board I use for planning the project’s timeline
  • The folder icons being blue and the text being just grey, with poor contrast and drawing the eye to the folder icon, vs blue-ish text and neutral icons in the old design that drew the eye to the file name
  • All the useless stuff that doesn’t need to be on the main repository page, now in the right sidebar, provides me with an information overload when I just want to quickly see what a repo is all about while I don’t need to click the releases and other tabs very often

literally make me not want to use the site. No offense to the designers, it always takes iteration to improve the user experience when things are redesigned! I question mainly

  • How come there is no way to opt-out of what dramatically alters the UX of the site?
  • What problems were actually intended to be solved by this redesign?
  • Could they not have been solved with a less intrusive change?
  • Was this really worth alienating a significant portion of the userbase when the alternatives might have been less disruptive?
  • Will we even get any feedback on this issue, and can we expect them to make it a high priority?

Essentially, if all this feedback will be ignored instead of swiftly acted upon, I don’t see how I can continue using GitHub daily in the way that I’ve done for years. Of course I’m just one person, but surely others will feel the same.

Adding an option to restore the old functionality seems the most obvious point of neglect. Please rectify this ASAP, thanks!


Looks awful on wide screen. Like I’m using mobile UI on a desktop screen.


Current github “look and feel” will make me say “farewell”

I had always unsubscribed from all the new experimental features exactly to not promote them.

I’m utterly dissatisfied with the current cheap corporate design optimized around anything BESIDE contributing to FOSS.

When MS acquired github – interface in the meaning of “human interface for working with the community” was the only thing which prevented me from migrating elsewhere.

And it’s not the problem of moving to gitlab or running my own private git server.

The problem is I will stop contributing to all others’ projects hosted on github because of how utterly disgusting it feels working in this interface.

So, how to revert back old interface, which become the symbol of FOSS at least for me?


Everybody in this thread is missing a key point regarding this redesign and that’s that it received great feedback on the team leader’s Twitter account, surely that counts for something??? You regular users need to suck it up and embrace the new wave of Twitter UX/UI gurus that will make your life better whether you like it or not.

Sarcasm aside, I have color deficiency (can’t tell the difference between similar shades of different colors) and this new design feels like I’m being pranked or something.


I don’t like the new look and feel. It makes me feel insecure. Please GitHub make it symmetrical back again.


The new look is terrible. Return old version, please.


i don`t like the new UI and it sucks i want the old UI


And millions of other users too …


Just chiming in to add my voice to the many others. Please revert to the old UI.