How to opt-out of the new UI?

A new UI was in the feature preview for a while and users could opt-out. Now the new UI has been forced on my account (and everyone else?) and there is no option to opt-out (or at least it’s not easy to find the button). How do I revert the UI change?

The new UI spreads across the whole screen. The old UI much more concise. Some of the new elements in the UI don’t seem to be useful like the list of contributors in a repository main page. The font of the numbers and labels are also too sharp/light and tiny.


I’ve got the new theme as well. It seems to be there for everyone, even when not logged in:

And it looks awful: important content is at the leftmost. I need to move left 10cm to align my eyesight with the main content (but then I need to move back for all other things outside GitHub).

The screenshot is the repo where I put my custom CSS rules, and I’ve restored the positioning and font with the latest commit. There is still too much margin here and there on the new UI, however.

And I don’t the rounded avatar: the avatars people are using aren’t designed for rounded. Some corners are cut off to look weird or incomplete :frowning:

People who use a QR code as avatar: it’s time to cry!


Additionally it does not show the message of the last commit for a repository anymore, it only shows authors, commit hash and date.
Showing the message directly was quite useful because it allowed to you to easily see whether the change is new (you normally remember the message and not the hash) and allowed you to see whether the commit might be interesting to you.


Agreed, very much not a fan of this layout. At the least the repository contents (files + README) should be centered.


The README is also now quite a bit narrower.


@starpit In fact it’s considerably narrower; I happen to have the old layout still open:

A wide and centered README made Github’s rendering superior to PyPi’s - a clear downgrade.


Now it looks more like GitLab.
A lot of people choosed github over gitlab because of clear view.
It’s big downgrade.
Where is dark theme? We are still waiting for it, but ms prefer to doing something that we don’t want. Nice


Keep an eye on , open source version of Github.
If Github doesn’t allow us to go back to the legacy UI, open source projects will be the only solution…


So bad. Just terrible.


Please revert to the old UI, the new one is simply bad.


Absolutely terrible.

I joined the community forum just to find a way to complain about it. It is so bad I will never be able to get the team off the private server an onto github. They will laugh at me then quit.


Please revert to the old UI, the new one is simply bad.


Like GH has this new web design, its horrible and I don’t like it.


They are merging all relating threads into this one. Is there an answer though? Is there a way to opt out and revert?


No, it does not look like there is a setting to opt out, at least not under

GitHub could really improve their way of communicating these changes. It was already confusing when they slightly changed the icons (e.g. “add reaction button”) about a month ago without mentioning it in the or on their Twitter account. And now the same, no mention about this new UI at all in the changelog or their Twitter account.


How’s this😂


And how they just advertised the new look and feel of this community. I came here just to say how I think that it is awesome. Why? Because it still has actual rectangular buttons and rectangular user icons not whatever that thing is they have applied to Github’s buttons. The cluster**** of the the classic default user icons and the round avatars is unbearable. Have they even looked at their community before that was decided? Or purely hired designers that have not yet seen anything but social facebook/instagram shit? And it’s really nice and consistent how organizations have kept their rectangular profile pictures. Probably because of the really bad and angry managers of big organizations who would have called and complained about a ruined trademark or worse. Guess what, normal users can be attached to stuff as well.


they could’ve gave us dark mode instead of this crap


Why was this released in an unfinished state? I’m on Firefox, lots of icons are completely misaligned, there are 1 px off issues and other alignment issues: image


but hey, we got rid of “master”, so you know!