How to open Camera using a batch file

So I know nothing about Batch. But for some project I’m doing, I wanted to make a Batch File that will open the Camera App, and then close it. Keep in mind, I have no experience at all with Batch.

cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\WebCam Looker\"
Start "" /b WebCam.exe 
timeout /T 5 /nobreak >nul
taskkill /IM WebCam.exe /F

The current error is that it can’t find WebCam.exe
What’s the proper path for the camera app on windows 10?


So what is your question? Everything you show looks reasonable to me. Does it work? Not?

Being tired and asking questions isn’t a good combination. Just reread it and it makes no sense so I’ll edit it. It doesn’t work as it can’t find camara.