How to Open a File using a Def Function

I am not sure if I am posting this in the correct place. I feel kind of ding-dong because I can not figure this out. I am struggling with my first bit of code for displaying the current carpark.txt file. I feel like once I get that, I can move on.

I was given a skeleton code to add parameters to access a txt file for a parking lot. This is where I am at:

def read_and_process_data(fo):
    for line in fo:
        slots = []
        total_slots = 0

def display(file_name):
        fo = open(file_name, "r"):

I am even remotely on the right track? Let me know if you need more information! Thank you for your patience and help with this!

Here is a little more information:

An automated car park (parking lot) is controlled using a sensor platform. The sensor platform updates
carpark.txt with the latest status of the carpark. Text file carpark.txt contains the layout of the car park with 10
Design and develop a Python program to remotely book a free slot in the car park. First, the data should be read
into an appropriate python data structure (a list, tuple, or a dictionary). Possible error conditions should be
appropriately handled with error messages and help texts.

What exactly are you trying to do? It looks like you’re trying to have one function that opens and closes a file, and another that’s supposed to read data from an already open file.

As a side note, when posting code use a Markdown code block enclosed in triple backticks, like so:

print('Hello World')

That way the indentation is preserved, which is important for Python.