How to migrate from xp-dev to github

I have a git repo on xp-dev, and i want to migrate to GitHub, i’ve been looking for a while but couldn’t find useful resource. This is the only resource i’ve found , but i always git an error at the push command

error :
remote: Repository not found.
fatal: repository not found

So I was wondering if there’s a way to migrate from xp-dev to GitHub or if there’s any useful resoruce.

There’s no need for a special process to move a git repository, just add a remote for the new repository and push. However, you need to create the new repository on Github before pushing to it (that’s missing in the linked Stackoverflow answer).

Also make sure the repository URL is correct, on Github they follow the pattern, while your example seems to have only the repository name.

I already have a repo created for the migration, but still when i try to push using git push -f --tags github refs/heads/:refs/heads/, it keeps popping up saying fatal: repository ‘’ not found.

I don’t know what’s wrong tho!!

Impossible to say for sure without seeing the remote configuration (git remote -v), full error message, and repository, but I see two likely reasons:

  1. A typo in the URL. Copy the URL from the repository page and make sure the configured remote is exactly the same.
  2. Bad authentication. If you try to access a private repository you don’t have access to via the web interface you get 404, and I assume it’s the same when pushing over HTTPS (I use SSH, so I can’t say for sure). Could also mean that you have invalid credentials (or for another account) cached, in that case you’ll have to clear that cache.

Thank you for your help. I used the solution in this post and it worked for me.

But for stack overflow’s solution, something is missing from my side, making it not working … i’ll try to make more investigations and if got something new i’ll post it.

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I noticed the linked script uses SSH to push, and I’m pretty sure that makes things easier. :wink: