How to merge two user names with same email ids

Hi everyone,

I have two usernames associated with the same email id

Among the above two, I only want the first one. I tried some support blogs available where it talks about merging two accounts, but am unable to proceed further on this.

Can anyone please help me how to merge and transfer the commits as well.

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Hi @rageshhajela16! The best place to go for answers to account-specific questions like this one is by opening a ticket on our Support page. Please open a ticket with them :slight_smile:

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Hi Sir

I don’t understand what do you want but why you create two accounts ?

Yes, your point is valid that why I created two accounts. I don’t even remember now but really want to get rid of one of them, am really sorry :frowning:

yup that’s correct, you can simply add more and more emails in just one account so your commits are tied to just 1 account

hopefully by now you opened a request to fix these two accounts