How to Merge Commits for two different Files

How do we handle below scenario in the github.

We have two individual files named EMPLOYEE_PKG.pkb and employee_pkg.pkb in our github master repository. Both codes are referring to the EMPLOYEE_PKG from production.

Changes moved to production on Jan 2020 # Pull Request 1
Changes moved to production on Feb 2020 #Pull Request 2

Changed moved to Production on March 2020 # Pull Request 3

The latest production code is on employee_pkg.pkb, so we want to ensure latest production code is moved to EMPLOYEE_PKG.pkb by preserving the pull request 3.

We want to merge the commit history of pull request 3 to the the file EMPLOYEE_PKG.pkb
and make the change in single file by removing the duplicates.

If you don’t want to rewrite the repository history (i.e. keep all the PR commits), you could simply checkout the required file from the branch were you want to integrate it (after checking it out you can still rename it before committing it to the branch).

The git checkout command also allows to “import” (so to speak) specific files from another branch (or commit, tag, etc.) into the current working area:

I personally would take this path, instead of messing with rewriting the whole history of the repository. It’s a simple and straightforward solution, and all you need to do is explain in your commit message were the file update came from (e.g. “integrated file XXX from bracn YYY”).