How to merge 2 github accounts

how to merge 2 github accounts? or how do I transfer commits and contributions I’ve made in one organization to my other github account?

if your concern is about preserving the commits, simply add the associated email with your past commits, even without verifying it,

I’ve changed my commit email 3x. And I still have all those commits.

even if this email it already registered, because I’m trying to added to my personal github account and it doesn’t work. (the other github account is work’s email)

can you provide more details and screenshots will be great, just to check whether it’s adding or not, because that is the expected behavior from the Docs

you don’t need to verify it if you already do not have the access, but all the commits will be added,

yes, of course basically what I was trying to do is add my job’s email into my personal Github account to have the contributions that I’m doing with my job’s email.

Here’s the official guide on the matter:

You won’t be able to add the old account’s email address to the account you want to keep until you delete the old account (or move it to another email address).

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