How to measure the contribution of developers to improve donation distribution?

Hey developers,

we created a funding distribution framework for GitHub to extend the existing Sponsors functionality with a free and open GitHub Actions. Just some days ago we made our first experiment release of LibreSelery that shows the basic idea and minimal value product to gather feedback from the community. The integration into GitHub Actions and the distribution of funding to our dependencies works but has not been tested by a larger community. Here a template for the GitHub Action Integration seleryaction. We have already tested LibreSelery for the funding of LibreSelery itself. All transaction data and the donation QR Code will be pushed to the Wiki of your project by the GitHub Action:

At the moment we are discussing how to measure the contribution of developers.

The basic idea is to collect multiple valuable metrics that can be combined for different project types. The project owner has the freedom to customize the distribution metric but it is done openly in front of the community. At the moment we are improving and developing the following metrics.

  • Minimum Project Contribution
  • Project Activity
  • Code and Documentation Generation
  • Service and Coordination (Code Review / PR / Creating of Issues)
    Find more information in our (sometimes very emotional discussion :P) on the issues here: #164 #74 #132 #159

Our goal is to offer multiple ways about how the contribution is measured.

Do you know about other Github Action or Github Projects that we could integrate in LibreSelery and SeleryAction to improve our functionality?
Do you know about GitHub Actions that measure the Quality of contributions?

Since this is the first Github Action that we created it would also be nice to get some about our implementation since I want to make an official Github Action out of it the next days.